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Today’s post is all about writing in your true voice. This is ironic because I’ve erased and re-written this post about a dozen times already because it just wasn’t sounding right.

I assume a lot of this has to do with inexperience. I come from the film world, but right now I’m trying to write a fiction novel, so the medium is just foreign to me. I feel like I’m working in someone else’s skin. I’ll write a page and go back and read it and sometimes I don’t remember writing it or it just doesn’t sound like me which is off-putting.

My advice for this is to think about what you’re going to write and explain it in your own voice, either out loud or preferably in a text document. This works really well when you’re stuck too. Basically you just ask yourself what you’re trying to say, write in out in almost journal-like form and then go back into your story write in the appropriate style.

Give it a try, I promise it will help! Happy writing!

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