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Quick note: I should be making more of an effort to post daily, but if I don’t have anything good to say, then I feel like I should stfu. That said, I’ll make more of an effort to share resources with my four readers. Whomever you are, you’ll be like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but less intimidating and far less informed.

Today’s tip comes from me. As I march along with my second, sort of third draft of my novel, I needed a little confidence boost. And so, using my trusty writing program Scrivener, I did a compile export (after I installed KindleGen which is the encryption thing from Amazon I’m guessing) of my book to the Kindle format and then used their email direct feature to send the file to my Kindle. Thirty seconds later and voila, my book was on my Kindle in my hands! It’s not complete and I didn’t even read it, but just seeing it in Kindle form was a huge motivator. It’s the modern equivalent to being able to print your book out just to see what it’s like. So cool, so fun! I highly recommend you try it if you need something to get you out of the “I’m really getting sick of looking at this” part of your writing process. Happy writing!

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