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Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors/teachers, so if you follow my blog you’ll see me talk about him plenty. This interview with Stephanie Ruhle is completely on point, enjoy and get unstuck.

To whom it may concern


If you’ve come here, it was probably by accident or because your search for “manga tentacle porn” and the “daily struggles of a smart ass writer” met in the Google cosmos. Either way, I welcome you.

This blog isn’t designed to teach or share some sort of bountiful wisdom, it’s just to show you that there’s others out there like yourself. People who stare at the screen every day and in-between bouts of crippling depression, procrastination and multi-hour naps somehow get the work done.

You are not alone, even though while you’re reading this you probably are. Hmm. Ok, so maybe you are alone.

So faithful reader, I will try and post my daily adventures as boring as they might be and in the course of multiple weeks, days and years hopefully we can bond over the mundane, share our creative endeavors and have some fun doing it.

I’m also into motivational people, so I may share links to them from time to time and if I ever get my act together I’ll post more episodes of my podcast and movies I’ve made in the past. It’s a lot of work and as stated earlier, I have a lot of shit to overcome on a daily basis just to wake up, so quit riding me. I kid. See you soon.


Type of project: Short (Musical)
Roles: Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor
This fun little project was done in conjunction with the creative group called Some Assembly Required. I was randomly assigned to make a new musical about cats. I kicked and screamed through this whole thing because I’m not a big fan of musicals and had no idea what to do with cats, but thanks to a strong support network of friends and collaborators, we came up with this little gem.

The Story Love

Type of project: Short
Roles: Director, Co-Writer, Editor
As my friend Graham went through a break-up, we used that energy to create a movie about hope and friendship.


Type of project: Short
Roles: Director, Writer, Producer, Editor
A short film about growth and becoming one’s true self.

In The Dog House

Type of project: Feature Film
Role: Cinematographer
Here’s the trailer for the fun kids move In The Dog House that I shot a while back.

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